How our old-world, authentic pizza from Naples, Italy arrived at the heart of Dallas.


Olivella’s Beginning

Our roots go back almost one hundred years to Naples, Italy, the birthplace of pizza. There, on the Piazza Colleta, Luigi Leone established the third pizzeria in the country’s history and created a family legacy that would be carried on for generations by his Neapolitan descendants.

In 2006, owner Charlie Green met Olivella, Luigi’s great-grandson, who brought the recipe to the States. Green had spent the better part of a decade canvassing the east coast and Europe’s oldest and most-revered pizzerias in search of the most delicious recipe to import to Dallas. Green and Olivella soon joined forces to open Olivella’s in University Park (2007), Victory Park (2009), Lakewood (2012), and then Fort Worth (2016).

Olivella’s Today: Award-Winning Old School Tradition

Since then, Olivella’s has received rave reviews from Zagat, The Dallas Morning News, D Magazine, and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Olivella’s was chosen as Best Pizza in Dallas by The Observer, has been featured by Rachael Ray in her review of America’s best pizzerias, and is USA Today‘s one and only pizza selection from the state of Texas in its list of 51 Great Pizzerias in the USA since 2010.

Today, we are one of a small handful of pizzerias in the country that make pizza the old-fashioned way – the true Italian way, using family recipes for homemade cheese and crust.


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What Makes Olivella’s Neapolitan Pizza Special

  • An old family recipe is used to make homemade mozzarella in-house.
  • Our tomatoes are imported from Italy to ensure the right flavor.
  • One of the few pizzerias anywhere that makes both Southern and Northern Italian pizza styles, Neapolitan (thin) and Roman (super-thin).
  • Specially mixed flour is an old family secret. It’s the key to the perfect crust!

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